What are some beginner golf tips?

I’m lucky to have been introduced to play golf at an early age of 9. I have played throughout the consequent fifty years of my life. Sometimes I have played better, like Tiger Woods and sometimes worse, like an amateur. I have been a golf trainer and nurtured some great talents.

I have played with professionals and hackers. I have also acted as a caddy carrying top golf bags and helping pro golfers win tournaments. The games or rounds that I’ve truly enjoyed the most are those played on a weekend with a camaraderie of friends. For the fifty years, I have gathered enough experience to share with both seasoned and new golfers.

Essential Beginner Golf Tips

  • No matter your objective and ambitions of the game, start by playing to have fun and enjoyment.
  • Ask around and find a reputable professional golf trainer. Then, you can plan lessons to assist you to learn the fundamental skill and beginners tips.
  • Once you start playing, you should repeat yourself again and again until you grasp the necessary concepts. The more you practice, the more you equip yourself to become a better player.
  • Achieve a fundamental understanding of the stance, grip, swing, takeaway, and alignment. The skills rarely come naturally and you need continuous practice to be better.
  • Don’t poke the golf ball, stroke it.
  • Forget about your score and only focus on the next shot
  • The harder you hit the ball, the higher the likelihood of getting a bad shot. Just swing easy and hit the ball skillfully.
  • Again, repeat to yourself again and again that you will play to have fun.

Golf Equipments: What you require to play golf

There are basic equipments that you require to play your game comfortably. The first thing you require is a cart golf bag or a stand golf bag if you prefer walking while on the course. In your golf bag, you will require the following items:

  • Golf balls
  • Spare tees
  • Pencil for scoring
  • Umbrella
  • Pen for marking the gold balls
  • Towel
  • Rainhood
  • Pitch mark repairer
  • Golf rule book

Also, you can carry a hat, snacks, sunglasses, and sun cream.

What to Wear

Normally, the dress code for playing golf is a collared shirt, golf shoes, and round or “V” neck sweater. There are diverse dressing codes for diverse clubs and if you’re not sure of the appropriate dressing code, it is important that you ask the club professional or secretary. Nonetheless, rugby and football shirts are not acceptable.


The golf shoes are diverse from ordinary shoes as they have various features such as spikes that make it better for the game. The shoes are worn primarily to offer you with a firm footing during your golf swing and whilst walking on muddy surface.