7 Top Benefits of skateboarding

Not long ago, skateboarding was seen as a dangerous sport but as of today, it is widely accepted sport amongst teens and kids. The boards, stunts, and wheels are colorful and attractive making every youngster drawn to it. Apart from its attractiveness, the sport has many health benefits that are why I think you should try out. They benefit your body and mind; hence, you can live a healthy and a life full of fun. It is a flexible and convenient sport that can be performed anywhere whether in confined, indoor or outdoor places. Most parents and elders see it as a dangerous sport although it has risks just like any other sport, a skateboard helmet, and other safety guards keep you safe. You should, however, try it out.

Benefits include:

  • Cheap sport

Skateboarding is very affordable compared to other kind of sports. There are skateboards that are as cheap costing as little as $30. These are perfect skateboards for beginners.  You can also get second hand skateboards and other accessories in an online store. If you get lucky to afford a high-quality board then you can be assured of using it for up to 5 years with only expenses to be incurred on safety gears.

  • Increases metabolism

It is tedious exercise and skateboarding regularly ensures a healthy metabolism. Every muscle is well worked on therefore improving your general fitness. Your hands and legs will be actively involved when skateboarding in different positions and performing the stunts, hence, making sure all your muscles are well exercised.

  • Boosts coordination

If you are able to coordinate well then it means that you will be able to succeed in this sport. Apart from your hands and legs being much involved, it will also improve your decision-making skills in your everyday activities.

  • Eradicates pain and fear

There are risks involved in this game but they can be reduced by putting on safety gears. Those full of fear of getting hurt are mostly beginners but as they practice more often, then it goes away eventually. Elbows, knees, palms, and wrists are most hurt places but mostly can’t stop a skateboarder from practicing and forgetting about the pain.

  • Improves your balance

Skateboarding helps you develop good balance since one must be able to keep a good balance in order to skateboard well. This can be well achieved by practicing regularly. The muscles also become strong as you exercise in different positions something that may not be achieved with other sports.

  • Teaches Bravery

Whenever you do a stunt, there is always that fear of losing control. However, taking enough time to practice on each stunt will enable you to perform them with more courage no matter how complex it may be. If you are focused and can’t give up easily then it can be beneficial in case of life emergencies.

  • Freedom

Skateboarding is a sport where you play alone, hence, allowing you to perform different stunts the way you like. It being a one-person sport means that it is only you who can determine whether you can be successful or not. Your mentality and skills are key to how confident you will face the game.


Having gone through the health benefits that comes with skateboarding, we hope that this will be the next sport to try out. It is the best way of keeping fit as well as losing weight easily. Apart from that, you can also make friends through this sport. Ensure that you purchase the best skateboard for you to have fun and be safe.