Different types of table saws

Different types of table saws

Most buyers cannot differentiate various types of table saws available for woodworking. In this article, we will explain all table saws that are commonly used in a workshop but before that left first define what i2112s a table saw.

Table saw is a woodworking tool that has a blade that is circular in shape attached to an electric motor using either belt or gear. Protruding at the top of the table, which supports material that is being cut, is a blade that cuts all materials brought near it.

Modern table saws the depth that a blade can cut depends on how it is protruding above the table i.e. the higher the blade protrudes, the deeper it is capable of cutting. Old table saws were more complicated to use them. You had to move up and down the whole table saw in order to control cutting. To make angles cuts on any piece of wood you can adjust the blade angle

Types of table saws


Just as the name suggests, a benchtop table saw is a lightweight saw that is placed on top of a table for support. Most homeowners and people who love DIY projects use these table saws. Old models of table saws included an induction motor that was not powerful. It only made the saw to become very heavy with a lot of vibration.

One person can carry all modern table saws without requiring any help. They are generally made of aluminum-plastic and steel. They are compact in design and lightweight. Compared with other types of table saws, benchtop is the cheapest costing less than $100 however, they are powerful and are capable of offering the required ripping capacity.

Jobsite table saw

Slightly larger than benchtop table saws, jobsite saws are portable and they are placed on told of a stand which is stationary or mobile when working.

These saws are mostly used by carpenters, tradesman on a jobsite hence the name. Their price ranges between $300-600 dollars.

Compact table saw

Generally, all compact table saws are large compared with other portable table saws. They are mostly placed on a stationary stand. However, the motor is universal and it is driven using tooth belts. Even though the table saws are small and lighter, their build is of lighter construction.

Contractor table saw

These table saws are also referred to as open stand saws. They are quite heavy, large and they are always attached to a base that has wheels making mobility easy from one work site to another. They can be powered using electric circuits that are standard meaning they can be used by homeowners and DIY people. The size makes them useful when performing large projects.

Cabinet table saw

They are referred to as cabinet saws because they are fully enclosed. The design of a cabinet table saw is to enable them to offer the power required by professional woodworkers. All cabinet saws are built using durable material like iron and steel making them hard to withstand tough cutting. They are very expensive hence few cabinet table saws costs under 1000 dollars.

Hybrid table saw

Hybrid table saws have an innovative design that makes them compete with top-rated contractor table saws. They have some of the features that are only in cabinet saws however they are cheaper. If you want to purchase some of the best hybrid table saws in the market compare Shop Fox W1837 Vs Grizzly G0771z. They are ergonomically designed.